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Practitioner Care

Self-care and Supervision are vital for your wellbeing.

Replenish Retreats

2.5 Day Retreat recognized by PACFA

As therapists, you are constantly holding space for others, which over time can impact your overall well-being. 

Supervision is a requirement of being a practising therapist, however it is also vital that you actively practice self-care. Our Replenish Retreat provides the opportunity for you to share your space with other therapists and care for your own needs.  

We will support you, in a calming environment to check in with yourself, take time to recharge, take stock and make changes to enrich your life, so that when you leave you will have a clearer vision of who you are and your life purpose.


    • Opportunity to connect and be inspired by fellow practitioners in a quiet and secluded environment
    • Enjoy ample rest time, time for massages, yoga, long walks around the property, or just being
    • Reconnection with YOU, with your passion, your meaning and your purpose
    • Guided sessions to help you take stock of your present professional and personal situation
    • Regain life balance
    • Connection – with self, others and nature
    • Support/Peer supervision 
    • Learn techniques on how to manage stress while dealing with the demands, challenges and long-term side effects of being a therapist.
    • Have an embodied experience of what self-care is like
    • Calm your mind and body through daily yoga and meditation
    • Explore your physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs – Reflecting on whether these are being met
    • Have some Fun


You will gain all of this via a group environment using creative and experiential techniques, such as:  




Equine-Assisted Learning


Group Discussion




Rest and Relaxation

Supporting Your Mental Wellness

1 Day Program

In collaboration with Equine Encounters Australia, this one-day program is designed for those who are time poor, but recognise they need to regain balance.

In a supportive, non-judgmental group environment, with other like-minded professionals, our program will help you slow down, recognise your behaviour patterns, and address some of the issues linked to accumulative stress.

Using a unique blend of Equine Assisted Learning, group discussion and mindfulness the program is designed to help raise your self-awareness around behaviour patterns and gain clarity around your stressors.

Through graded activities with horses and group discussion work we will help you to develop greater resilience and positive strategies and techniques to help you stay well.

This program will help you:

    • Increase self-awareness 
    • Address issues linked to Accumulative Stress
    • Support more healthy work-life balance

Cost: $330 (inc GST)

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