Clinical Resource Therapy

Supporting qualified practitioners to develop a multi-modality approach to working with trauma clients.


Full Clinical Resource Therapist Qualification (10-Day Program)


This modality of therapy is highly effective when working with clients experiencing Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Addictions, Eating Disorders, internal Conflicts, Anger, Personality and Relationship Issues.

Working from current behaviour patterns and reactions, Resource Therapy Allow the therapist to engage directly with the subconscious wounded parts, help the client re-frame the Initial Sensitising Event (ISE) and empower them with their identified Resources.

This training will allow to you to respond directly to the client’s personality part that holds the problem.  Whereas other therapies allow the patient to speak throughout the therapy from an intellectual, talkative, personality part that is not directly related to the presenting issue, Resource Therapy attends directly to the personality part that is pathological.


This accredited training is delivered  as a two-part, blended learning program.

The program is highly experiential focussed around group discussion, practice sessions and presentations. The blended delivery allows the theory to be presented via group Zoom sessions, whilst all practical sessions are provided via face to face, group coaching sessions.

Outcomes from this program:

  1. How to target the client’s outcomes by specifically working with their unwanted feelings, behaviours and inner critic
  2. Straightforward ways to diagnose each presenting issue, allowing you to understand the best therapeutic direction to take.
  3. Treatment systems that provide easily followed regimens for each diagnosis
  4. How to empower your client by ensuring their preferred Resources are available to them.


OPD Points & Supervison

Participation in this program provides OPD Points with PACFA, as well as Supervision, by way of group discussion – offering immediate feedback on any work done as part of the training.  This not only increases confidence, but allows you to hone and improve your techniques.



On successful completion of the program you will be awarded the Resource Therapy International Therapist Certificate and be able to register on the Resource Therapy International website as a qualified practitioner.


The cost for this fully accredited 10-day training program is $2640 (inc. GST)

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