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Equine Assisted Trauma Therapy

Supporting qualified practitioners to develop a multi-modality approach to working with trauma clients.


Equine Assisted Trauma Therapy (5 Day Program)

This highly experiential program is designed for qualified Equine Assisted Practitioners who wish to specialise in working with adult trauma clients.  The program has been developed for those who have been working with a broad range of clients and now wish to refine their skills in the area of Trauma.

Developed and delivered by Brenda Tanner (Founder of Equine Encounters Australia) who, for the past 7 years has specialised in Equine Assisted Therapy for Veterans, First Responders and Cancer Victims and who’s Trauma Recovery program has been the subject of a clinical research paper by Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation.

Through Group sessions and individual work, you will learn to:

    • Understand Trauma presentation and the associated conditions
    • Understand specific behaviour patterns 
    • Track your client responses 
    • Expand the clients ‘Window of Tolerance’
    • Develop client self-regulation
    • Using phenomenology and holding space
    • Design ‘experiments’ to support developing client awareness
    • Using the way of the horse – Metaphor | Reflection | Projection

CPD Points and CITT Certificate will be given at the end of the program

Fee: $1650 (inc GST)

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