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Working With Trauma – TDS Trauma Recovery Methodology ™️

Supporting qualified practitioners to develop a multi-modality approach to working with trauma clients.


This program is aimed at qualified practitioners and therapists who are wanting to move into trauma-focussed therapy and expand their therapeutic approach. 

Introducing you to the TDS Trauma Recovery MethodologyTM , the program has been specifically designed to offer you skills and knowledge around key aspects of trauma and provide practical insight into the different modalities of therapy that can be offered to a client on their recovery journey.

The TDS Methodology works on the principles of experiential integration. Working with current presentation of symptoms, this method resources the client to stay with disturbance of the homeostasis and widen their ‘Window of Tolerance’ in order to build great awareness of behaviour; then develop their ability to have choice in moments of crisis.

This 5-day program incorporates theory, introduction to a variety of therapeutic modalities, practise sessions and case studies.

On completion of the Program participants will have:

    1. Understanding of the TDS Methodology
    2. Appreciation of Trauma presentation
    3. Understanding of how neuroplasticity supports trauma recovery
    4. Skills on how to overcome challenges when working with Trauma clients
    5. Strategies for helping a client to remain regulated
    6. Appreciation of different therapeutic approaches to working with Trauma
    7. Delivering an integration presentation
    8. Understanding of how self-bias impacts therapeutic relationships
    9. CPD Points
    10. Group Supervision

The cost for this full 5-day training program is $1650 (inc. GST)

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